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High Performance Development Programs (HPd)

High Performance Development Programs (HPd) – Ages 10+

On the heels of the CS4L (Canadian Sports for Life) and Karate Canada’S LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) model, Karate Manitoba is pleased to announce our new HIGH PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT program for the up and coming provincial athletes wishing to train and compete.

This 9 month program will focus on exposing the young athlete to cutting edge training techniques based on WKF competition training. Athletes will learn combination of tactical, physical and mental competitive training as they move through the ‘Train to Train’ and ‘Train to Compete’ stages of elite training and development.

Participants of this program will attend training sessions with a focus on sport science, metrics and measured skill development under a specialized coaching staff. This program serves as the selection pool for the HPeT (High Performance Elite Training) training program. HPD is THE premier program in the province for any young karate-ka that aspire to compete for Manitoba on the provincial, national and international stage under the Sport Manitoba, Sport Canada and World Karate Federation (WKF) as recognized by the Canadian and International Olympic Committees (COC/IOC). Competitions open to participants of this program are the Manitoba Provincial Open, Canadian Western Championships and regional Provincial Opens.

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Updated August, 2019