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Grassroots Programs

To increase participation and promote the growth of karate in Manitoba, to enrich inter club relations and communications and to promote Karate Manitoba programs province wide at the club level.

The goals of the Grassroots Development Program are:

  1. Provide support for grass roots development by financially supporting open seminars that KM members participate in
  2. Hold instructor workshops encouraging participation of member dojo instructors and assistants
  3. Improve experience for existing members by providing another venue for members (similar to the draw of a tournament) and attract new members.

These goals will be implemented by creating fun and interactive activities for members (athletes) to participate in, while providing accessibility to all members. The KM Grassroots program will strive to provide awareness and education about Karate Manitoba and its’ member benefits along with creating a vibrant, inclusive, all style karate community in Manitoba.

Grass Roots program will provide support for seminars – any Karate Manitoba member club holding an open seminar and promoted to Karate Manitoba member clubs can receive $5/per Karate Manitoba member attending per seminar up to a maximum of $500 per year per club.

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Updated August, 2019