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Respect in Sport

July 2010 – Important News for RIS Users without Certification Numbers:

Sport Manitoba will be moving to a new, enhanced version of Respect in Sport on August 28, 2010. Only users with Certification Numbers will be moved to the new Respect in Sport system. The existing Respect in Sport program will not be accessible after August 27th.

New users, or users currently certifying in Respect in Sport must complete certification prior to August 27th to avoid having to re-register and start the program over.

Certified users will have all user and certification data transferred to the new system and will be able to access Respect in Sport using their existing username and password.
Please contact the membership director Wendy Flannigan if you are unsure of what your certification number is.

New to Respect in Sport – FAQ

Never heard of Respect in Sport (click here for FAQ) for answers to common questions such as: Do I have to take it? When? Where? Cost? How long? etc.