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Sanction Policy

Section I
In 2014, Karate Manitoba was appointed full sanctioning authority by the Province of Manitoba, (as per Order in Council #257/2014, herein, referred to as ‘OIC’) as the only legally recognized association responsible to sanction all Karate competitions held in the Province of Manitoba. Under the Federal Combat Sport Law Bill S-209, a ‘karate competition is any event where two people or more compete under combat rules, regardless of contact, touch or non-contact’. This applies to all inter-club, inter-style, Open invitation, Provincial, National or International competitions and so on. There are no Karate competitions or Karate clubs that are exempt from Sanction for competition.
With the above appointment, Karate Manitoba is responsible for any and all Karate competitions that occur in the Province of Manitoba. This policy will ensure established tournament safety standards are met at all Karate competitions and tournaments held in Manitoba.

Section II
As per the Purpose outlined in Section 1, Karate Manitoba is responsible for all Karate Competitions and Tournaments held in Manitoba. This policy has been established under the provincial framework of safety, inclusivity and policing to set and ensure established tournament safety standards are met at all competitions.

Section III

  1. Member clubs must complete Sanctioning Application thirty (30) days prior to event.
  2. All Karate Manitoba members may hold competitions under the current rules of Karate Manitoba/Karate Canada with acceptable style modifications according to their own style specific events.
  3. For multi style events, current Karate Manitoba/Karate Canada WKF modified rules will be applied.
  4. For single style, a Karate Manitoba official may or may not be present.
  5. For multi style events (ie. Provincial Open, Western Canadian Championships), Karate Manitoba or Karate Canada officials must be present.
  6. All promotional materials associated with said event MUST display “Event sanctioned by Karate Manitoba.” (includes all print, electronics and social media).
  7. Karate Manitoba Sanctioning Certificate must be on-site and visible.
  8. Must read, acknowledge and follow Karate Manitoba Concussion Policy and Protocol as per Sanction Application.
  9. Registered Karate Manitoba members are automatically covered under Sport Manitoba insurance. However, individual style events with non-Karate Manitoba members participating in said event may require proof of individual style insurance by those individuals.
  10. Any Karate Manitoba, or Karate Canada affiliated event will not require proof of insurance.


  1. Must provide rules of competition no less than forty-five (45) days prior to competition.
  2. Must provide proof of insurance.
  3. Must provide proof of Officials and Coach Certifications.
  4. Must have qualified First Aid present for entire competition.
  5. Must pay Sanctioning fee thirty (30) days prior to competition date.
  6. Karate Manitoba Sanctioning Certificate must be onsite and visible.
  7. Karate Manitoba reserves the right to refuse sanctioning if application and required documentation is received after the minimum forty-five (45) days prior to event.

Section IV

  1. To sign and issue Sanction Certificates (May be issued by email).
  2. To monitor any Karate Manitoba sanctioned event to insure compliance with Karate Manitoba Sanctioning guidelines.
  3. To delegate, when deemed necessary, a monitor technically qualified to insure the Karate Manitoba compliance for said event.
  4. Karate Manitoba representatives will be allowed access to any event sanctioned without charge.
  5. Monitor any Karate Competitions that are held in the Province of Manitoba.
  6. Any Competition that is found to be held without sanction may be deemed illegally held and be subject to shut down by provincial authorities on the authorization of Karate Manitoba.

Section V

Karate Manitoba members (15+ members) $0.00
Note: Clubs with under 15 students may still apply for sanction, conditions apply.

Non-Member Clubs $200.00

By continuing on to the registration, you verify you have read through the Sanction Policy and agree to all sections

Sanction Application Form

Passed on: January 30th, 2020, by the Karate Manitoba Board of Directors
Updated: February 5th, 2020

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Karate Manitoba has ceased events & will not be sanctioning any tournaments until deemed safe.

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