Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Karate Manitoba has set up a number of policies: View all policies

Mailing Address: 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6

Sanction Application


Applications due minimum 30 days prior to event (members), 45 days prior to event (non-members).

    Part I





    *If you answered No - an additional fee is applicable for Sport Manitoba Special Event Liability Insurance
    **Copy of group insurance certificate may be required

    Part II:

    Your sanction application will be submitted electronically to info@karatemanitoba.ca once you click the Submit button below.

    Your sanction application must include:

    • A copy of the Event Registration Form
    • A copy of Association/Group Competition rules (Single Style Events)

    Sanction Fees

    Please contact our office at info@karatemanitoba.ca

    Applicant Declaration

    The information provided on this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I will inform Karate Manitoba of any change of information. I understand that no freestyle combat sport or training will be part of this Competition, with the exception of a demonstration by the competition instructor and/or assistants.

    I have read the conditions as outlined in the Karate Manitoba Competition Hosting Policy and with the submission of this form, our Organization agrees to abide by the conditions and declare that the Karate Manitoba Competition Minimum Safety Standards will be adhered to during the entirety of the competition.

    I have read the Karate Manitoba Sanction Policy and agree to have ‘Event is sanctioned by Karate Manitoba’ with logo and display the Karate Manitoba Sanction Certificate provided upon sanction.
    I have read and acknowledge the Karate Manitoba Concussion Safety and Protocol Policy and agree to follow all protocols and procedures for said event.

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    Karate Manitoba has ceased events & will not be sanctioning any tournaments until deemed safe.

    We are asking all clubs to discontinue classes until advised that it is safe to return to activities by the Province’s health officials. Thank you for understanding. #karatemanitoba https://t.co/biyuqEfsCk
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