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Karate Canada Videos

Karate Canada. Our Champions, where the athletes are talking about their goals for Pan Am Games.

Karate Canada. Join Us for Pan Am Games (83 sec) this video devoted to the topic “How to be a part of the National Canadian Karate Team”. Here we have interviews with Craig, Dragan, Olivier, Nassim and Denis.

Karate Canada. Pan Am Games in Canada. Interviews with: Holly Abraham, Pravi, Craig, Dragan, Curt Harnett cover the role of Karate Canada very well.

Welcome to Karate Canada. Interviews with: Craig, Dragan, Zvonko, Christopher, Goli, Olivier, Denis, Nassim, Curt Harnett. Focus of this video is more on Karate Canada. We combined different types of interviews, kids, Pachi and training episodes. The main idea of this story is to start a series of videos for “the road to the Pan Am Games” for Karate Canada. Also Dragan and Craig are talking about the Karate Canada role in legitimate government regulation about the Karate as a sport in Canada and Karate Canada relations with the WKF. Olivier, Nassim and Denis talk what high level of Karate is about regarding to the PanAm.