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2012 Open Provincial Tournament Information

Posted on: September 27th, 2012

Tournament Results have been tallied and posted!

Karate Manitoba Tournament Committee would like to thank all the volunteers that made this 2012 tournament such a success!

Tournament package & Little Tigers
Tournament flyer
Wkf Rules
Officiating at the Tournament

Karate Manitoba and WKF Rules of Competition

Karate Manitoba is recognized by the Provincial Government’s Sport Manitoba as the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) responsible for karate in the province. As the PSO, we are a member of Karate Canada1, the National Sport Organization (NSO) for karate recognized by the Federal Government’s Sport Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee2. Although karate is not yet an Olympic Sport, it is a sport in the Pan American Games3. The Pan American Games only includes those sports4 governed by International Sport Federations recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IOC recognized International Sport Federation5 for karate is the World Karate Federation6 (WKF). For these reasons, Karate Canada is the Canadian member of the WKF and uses the WKF rules of competition. And for these reasons as well, Karate Manitoba needs to use the WKF rules of competition. References for this information are provided below.

Therefore, starting with the 2012 Karate Manitoba Provincials on June 2, Karate Manitoba will be using the World Karate Federation (WKF) rules of competition for its tournaments. This will align Manitoba with the other Provincial Sport Organizations in Karate Canada all of whom use the WKF rules of competition. The WKF rules are developed through the international collaboration of all the major styles of karate in the world in order to fairly evaluate all competitors, independent of style. The added benefit of using these rules is that our athletes will be better prepared when they move to the national and international arena of karate competition. As a point of interest, karate was among the seven sports shortlisted7 for the 2016 Olympics and is currently thought to be a forerunner as a demo sport at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

We encourage sharing and cross-participation among all our members and the entire karate community of Manitoba.

The WKF rules of competition are available for download from the WKF website8. These specific rules are set for international level competition. In following with Karate Canada and other member provinces, we have adopted minor amendments9 to certain procedural aspects of the rules to fit our needs (e.g. attire restrictions, safety equipment required, length of bouts for kyu belts, weight classifications, and match area size). However, the overall rules and judging criteria have not been changed.


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